Sales Team Startup Package 

Culture eats sales for breakfast

How to ensure your culture is ready for a sales team. Understand the principles of a thriving sales culture. Walk away with an actionable framework to implement straight away. Keep great talent.

Aimed at founders building a sales team between 1-10 to teach them the infrastructure of setting up a sales team. 


Sales Training

Learn how to sell. 

Sales Management: startups change, often. Priorities change. Learn how to keep the sales team focused and motivated with little cash and constant disruption. Keep great talent.

Sales Training: Learn how to sell. Many fads have come and gone, but certain principles have always stuck. These are the principles of selling. Learn the principles that will help you influence decisions in any field. Cold calling, phone sales, face to face, account management.


Founders Package  

Set up a sales team from scratch.

Learn the fundamentals of how to set up a sales team. Process, structure, technology, tools, commission & incentive plans - the works.

Walk away with the tools to run your sales team to achieve targets each month.