Phase 1: Discover 

This phase delves deep into your current status.

What are your targets, what is your current sales culture? What is your background and management style? Understand your industry and competitive landscape in order to develop your sales processes.

Action: we create your growth strategy.


Phase 2: Develop 

Now we build.

Now we have a strategy. Great. This phase is about building the tools the sales team will need to succeed:

  • Write your pitch, common objections and how to best handle them, unique selling point, value proposition

  • Sales team profile and job specs

  • Sales process

  • Source best tools, systems

  • Commission and incentive structure


Phase 3: Do 


Now we have a working system, we just need the people to sell and manage the sales process. This phase is all about training. Everyone.

Bespoke 4 weeks of training staff.