Alexandra has set a new standard for how startups build & scale their sales teams. She is changing the way startups handle scaling and growth through her obsessive focus on a solid foundation, she calls Sales Engineering.

She is known for building B2B sales processes for just about any sector. Her clients have ranged across event tech, gov’tech, edtech, spacetech, fintech, and many more non technical companies like laundry, oil & gas and conferences.

From a sales exec turned head of sales, turned CSO, Alexandra has developed a unique perspective when it comes to building and managing sales efforts. Influenced by her experience cold calling, she aspires to teach her clients the power of raw influence.

Founder, Sales for Startups

“For most people, sales process doesn’t sound very interesting. For me, building sales teams is a passion I’ve been chasing for over 10 years. My work has landed me opportunities to work with incredible startups all over the world where I’m focused on helping them scale.

Learning the challenges and being in the trenches of these startups allows me to create an ambitious, yet achievable plan to success.

I guess you could say I’m living my dream.”

While her clients have taken her around the world, Alexandra is proud to call Vienna home. She studies German in her spare time in hopes she will eventually be able to understand those talking about her loud voice in the metro. Alexandra studied Business Management and Cognitive behaviour at Dalhousie University in Canada, her homeland.

Ask her how to sell large ticket items from just a phone call. Its her secret talent. Her time in London, means she can do it in a British accent.


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