We apply sales engineering to startups, allowing them to scale quickly on a solid foundation. 

It is useless to be a creative, original thinker unless you can also sell what you create

- David Ogilvy

More than an Advisor. 


The very best sales engineering for startup founders. Work with commercial experts to learn, implement and grow your revenue, giving your idea the chance it deserves.



SE Accelerator Programme

Gap Analysis, Growth action plan, Implement

Build or scale your sales teams. Give us 3 months and we will have your sales team up and running from scratch or scaling. We implement proven sales infrastructure to build a successful growing sales team. 

Sales Training will get you an appointment. Sales Engineering will get you a lifetime client.


Learn how to sell

Many fads have come and gone, but certain principles have always stuck. These are the principles of selling. Learn the principles that will help you influence decisions in any field. Cold calling, phone sales, face to face, account management.

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We work with Founders to help them improve how they run their sales teams. Are you advising your team on the right outputs? Is your commission structure incentivizing the right behaviour?  Are you giving them the tools they need to succeed? Lets find out. 

Remote Sales Leadership 

Spend your time running your business and leave your sales management to us. We apply our Sales Engineering processes and regular contact with your sales team to ensure targets are hit and process is followed, tracked and improved. 

Sales for Startups helps founders scale.

Sales Engineering applys layers of essential sales processes which create a predictable, scalable solution.

Like technology, if you build on poor engineering work, you can’t scale. You usually need to rebuild, from scratch. But rebuilding takes time. Time usually startups don’t have once they raise funding. Time is of the essence.

Often founders have a tech, finance or entrepreneurial background without specific experience selling or running a sales team. I provide founders with the tools needed to build a sales team from scratch and ensure it grows on a solid foundation.

Making a sale is like coming out of a forest alive, I work with you to give you the map and machete (process and tools) to ensure you can do it (almost) every time.

I built Sales for Startups to help support founders through this crazy journey of disruption. 

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We are global and have active projects in:  London, Vienna, Toronto & Glasgow. Currently accepting new business in Vienna & London.